Search Optimization

Showing up on page one of any search for keywords that relate to the products and services offered by your business are critical to success online.  If you offer a service, consumers will type in your service with their city name and contact the businesses that show up in that search.  95% of customers do not go past page one in a search engine.  They trust that the businesses that show up first are the leaders in the industry and in their area.  This situation is why so many companies are paying for search by these keywords.  They understand that is it crucial to show up at the top of the page when consumers are searching and they pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month through services like Google Adwords.  

The best option for businesses is to invest in search engine optimization services.  There are several different ways to improve your businesses visibility and we work with your company on proven strategies.  Our initial strategy starts with making sure that your website is optimized for search and has listed a title, description and keywords for each page of your site.  We then update local business directories to make sure your information is consistent and accurate.  Once we make sure that this information is correct we work on creating monthly searches on your brand along with reputable links back to your site.  We create links through press releases, social media and blogging.  We have professional writers and social media planners to keep content relevant and driving consumers to your website through targeted keywords.  Through enhanced videos, we push your business to page one and increase clicks to your site because clients are drawn to how videos show up in search.  

34 Allies is your trusted ally for increasing your visibility and sales through online channels.  We work on your web and mobile sites, develop press releases, blog content, and ensure all your company data is accurate.  Videos have been proven to make their way to page one of search when we target to certain keywords and cities.  Our solutions are bundled together to maximize their success and we take the work out of your hands so you can concentrate on your business.